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Made in the U.S.A.  

Dragon In A Box is proudly:      


Dragon in a Box is perfect for:      



Fireplace fires    

Backyard firepits    




DRAGON IN A BOX - The Kindling Killer
Featured by Lou Manfredini, WGN Radio's "Mr. Fix-It"!
DRAGON IN A BOX featured on the "New To Lou Too" segment, from WGN Radio720, HERE  
Watch Lou's video demonstration of DRAGON IN A BOX on WGN-TV, HERE


HGTV's Frank Fontana, "The Design Dude"
talks about DRAGON IN A BOX on his
"Frank's Fave" segment on WGN Radio 720, HERE  


Watch the multi-use demo clip from the HouseSmarts TV show; Cool Tools


The only "NO KINDLING REQUIRED" fire starter, that REALLY WORKS!
Replaces kindling and tinder;
No need to gather sticks, paper or intermediate wood!


Dragon In A Box was designed as a simple, mess-free, non-toxic way to light camp fires, fireplace fires, backyard firepits, chimineas, wood-burning stoves and bonfires without the hassle of other fire starters on the market that can be difficult to light, toxic, oily to the touch or undependable.  

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MADE IN THE USA! The product's unique package design creates a chimney-like affect that ensures easy lighting and provides a sustained burn that lasts more than 15 minutes (in most applications) and generates enough heat to light fires without the necessity of kindling!

The fuel chips are irregularly shaped, which allows air to circulate around them while they burn and makes them easier to light than other, more densely-packed fire starters. With a storage life that is virtually infinite, it's great for Survivalists and Preppers!

Tailgaters and Cook-outs: LIGHT YOUR CHARCOAL GRILL WITHOUT LIGHTER FLUID!  Simply take a small amount of chips from the container and stack them under your charcoal.  Then, light a corner of one of the chips. 
Within minutes, your charcoal will be lit and ready for use without the toxic smoke and after-taste of lighter fluid chemicals! No need to cart along starter chimneys or newspaper!


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